ISO Endorsements

ISO-EndorsementCutter is a trusted partner of many ISO’s

ISO’s who partner with Cutter are assured that they are referring their MLS agent or ISO to a trusted source for working capital. Portfolio purchases are Cutter’s main business and never re-sells a portfolio or converts merchants from their existing ISO platform. Cutter is invested in those merchants for the long-term.

After the sale, Cutter goes beyond the acquisition to provide support to merchants through its Relationship Management team – an expert in-house staff that essentially replaces the support role of the Seller and works with the ISO to service the merchant base. Cutter is the merchants personal link to working with their processor. Relationship Management has as much contact with the merchant as possible which alleviates the amount of work the ISO needs to do. Cutter does everything with a sense of urgency, and with retention in mind.

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