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Questions about Selling

Is there a minimum or maximum monthly residual required for a purchase?

No, we purchase portfolios of all sizes.

Can I sell a portion of my portfolio?

Yes! A portion of the residual can be sold based on a specific amount or selected accounts.

If I sell a portion of my portfolio based on a specific amount, how soon will Cutter pay me the excess of each month?

Every effort is made to pay the overage the same day we reconcile the deposit. 

What will happen to the agents who receive payouts on my residuals?

Agents will continue to be paid by Cutter or you can offer your agents a buyout. 

What will happen to the merchants after I sell?

Merchants remain with their current processor. We never sell or convert merchants and we never tell merchants their accounts have been sold.

Will I know how the portfolio is performing after I sell?

We always like to keep the line of communication open. You can always reach out to receive updates on the performance of your portfolio.

Does Cutter help service the accounts?

Yes, Cutter prefers to take on the merchant support and retention after the acquisition. We act as the intermediary between the merchant and processor, alleviating the agent’s workload. Our average wait time, when a merchant calls in, is 9 seconds. All of our Client Relationship Representatives and Merchant Retention Specialists are based in our Pennsylvania office.

Questions about Cutter

Who is Cutter?

Cutter is a trusted purchaser and long-time expert in the payment industry. We acquire all types of recurring revenue streams including ISO and agent portfolios, SaaS companies, and vendor residuals. Over the past decade, Cutter has built a lasting legacy in the industry by consistently operating with integrity. You will find us to be responsive, professional, and transparent.

What is a Cutter Referral Partner?

As a participant in the payments industry, we value your knowledge and relationships. We pay generous commissions for portfolio referrals we purchase. Let Cutter be your resource when referring sellers who want to cash out on their residual streams.

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