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Testimonials - Cutter Financial

We Value Our Agent Relationships

My business partner and I were referred to Cutter by FIS in 2020 to sell our portfolio. This was our first time engaging in such a process. Both Katelyn and Denise made it unbelievably pleasant and easy. They patiently walked us through the steps and offered us a competitive multiple with a more than fair evaluation. Everything executed exactly as described with great professionalism and top-notch client services. Both Heather and Jordan have been exceptional at taking care of merchant issues as they arise. And because of Cutter’s amazing team, we were able to weather the storm successfully together during the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, the portfolio continues to perform beyond our expectations which is a true testament of Cutter’s excellent partnership. For any ISOs or sales agents interested in selling your portfolio, there’s no need to look any further. My partner and I wholeheartedly advise you to work with Cutter as our experience has been absolutely outstanding. We highly recommend Cutter!

Eric Hwang, CFO


CardConnect referred me to Cutter after I expressed interest in selling my portfolio. Katelyn Schickling walked me through the steps to evaluate my book of business and gave me an offer to consider which I accepted several months later. Katelyn has been very friendly, professional and accessible to me. Everything has gone exactly as described by Katelyn during our initial conversations. Equally important, the entire service team at Cutter has been exceptionally good at taking care of merchant issues as they arise—both in terms of accessibility and quick resolution. They are simply top-notch. If you’re interested in selling your portfolio, I wholeheartedly encourage you to work with Cutter. My experience has been outstanding.

Mark Stephens

PayLink Partners

Over the years I have been familiar with and even heard presentations by Cutter but never considered a buyout. The main reasons for my decision was that I have a 20 year portfolio significant in size and I have several banks and software affiliates that generate income for me and them as they provide ongoing leads. My business has been ran as very hands on and to turn the support over to someone else while continuing  the growth was a large concern. Will they treat my merchants as I have, will they be responsive with the silliest of needs or be courteous to even the most difficult merchant? How will my affiliates be treated and will their income stream continue without disruption, will I be paid as promised?  Denise and her team have surpassed my expectations, they recognized the fact that I was a Nervous Nellie and built the foundation for the conversation well before any close date. I had meetings with the full staff well in advance to develop relationships and build the depth needed for success. The only regret I have is not doing it sooner.

Ray Eliante

Nationwide Payments

Finally! A great company, who treats all their partners like actual family. We knew at some point we wanted to sell. We worked very hard on building our portfolio, one merchant at a time, each merchant was a relationship. We knew that it was time to start enjoying the fruits of our labor, but we we’re terrified of what might happen if we sold our client base. Questions like: What if they do not take care of our clients like we did? What if the process of selling is too complicated?

We were introduced to Denise Shomo, and after our first conversation all my questions were answered. I instantly felt that this was the right company. After a very simple process, we sold out portfolio. We have received our money & best of all, we still get to be a part of keeping those merchants happy. Great team and great company! Highly recommend!

Mario Lallitto

Merritt Payments

I started looking for a company to purchase my portfolio over 2 years ago and interviewed with many that advertise on the Green Sheet. I decided to use Cutter and was very thankful to have Denise Shomo as my representative. She and I began negotiating the best scenario, given my circumstances. I did not want to sell my entire book of business so we worked out a very lucrative plan to sell a portion of my accounts, get a nice upfront payment, and then receive lump-sum reimbursements over a 36 month period. I would highly recommend giving Cutter an opportunity to look at your portfolio and work out the best deal possible; you will not regret it!

Curt Waite

Merchant Services SCV, Inc.

I want to first compliment Jordan and the entire team on the amazing help you have been. This last week while recovering from surgery, I have been able to actually trust someone else with our merchants for the first time, and that’s a huge deal for me! So thank you!

Sean Burke

Burke Merchant Solutions

In 31 years as a merchant services sales company, I have sold a total of 12 portfolios. In the last year, I have sold 7 portfolios to Cutter. I felt the buyouts were more than fair. They were professional, and the time they took to complete the transaction was considerably less than I had expected. And, because of those individuals I now deal with on a regular basis, especially Denise Shomo, Cutter will definitely be my only source of revenue when, and if, the occasion arises.

Lew Chiarello

Universal Merchant Services

Denise and her team at Cutter have made the complicated process of purchasing a portfolio easy. They are a pleasure to work with and show a great deal of integrity when dealing with their merchants. Sterling Payment Technologies is a proud partner and will be for years to come.

Kristen Herrick-Feazell

ISO Development, Sterling Payment Technologies

Katelyn, I just want to thank you again for your help! It was such a pleasure to work with you and I appreciate your consistent communication and follow up throughout the transaction. I will definitely recommend you and your company to my contacts!!!

David A Rouse

Legacy Payments

Cutter has been excellent to work with in all facets and provided a much needed extra layer of customer support and retention. I would highly recommend their company and services.

John Gibbs


Working with Cutter has been a very rewarding success for our partners. Those that take advantage of working with Cutter have been able to provide nothing but positive feedback. Cutter’s process is very streamlined and efficient. They are extremely easy to work with!

Christine Poliquin


Thank you, Heather, we really appreciate how fast you are paying residuals. It really means a lot. I’ve noticed from our customers that Cutter truly does have amazing service. We have instructed some of our customers that have called in with compliments to go online and leave positive reviews for Cutter. 

Zach Carson

Praetorian Payments

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