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software companies with recurring revenues.

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With our reputation and experience, you can be confident you are getting  a fair deal.
Cutter provided a great experience for my last buyout. I was looking to sell a portfolio that included referral residuals as well as standard merchant accounts and Denise really went the extra mile to help me close a deal. Large buyouts always take a little time to close, but without Denise and the Cutter team helping me work through the process, it would have taken much longer. I was happy with the end result; they held up to their end of the bargain and paid out a competitive multiple. Overall great experience, highly recommend!
James Shepherd

Service You Can Count On
We Listen and Offer Guidance
We will take time to explain the process and provide a deeper understanding of the economic and industry related factors that affect valuations.
We Never Move Merchants
We care about you and your clients. We never sell, convert, or move portfolios.
We Are Here to Help
You can count on our knowledgable and attentive Retention Team and US-Based support.

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Cutter LLC is a registered ISO of Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas, New York, NY. Cutter LLC is a registered ISO of Deutsche Bank AG, New York, NY.