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Whether or not you’ve sold a portfolio previously, Cutter will take time to explain the process and provide a deeper understanding of the economic and industry related factors that affect valuations and therefore, the ability for Agents and ISO’s to better assess their portfolios for high and low multiple characteristics. Cutter has a wealth of knowledge and expertise to offer you.

Cutter offers many options for structuring payments to a seller, including a partial residual sale as an alternative to a full sale. This scenario allows the seller to receive a cash infusion and continue to collect a residual stream. We listen to the goals and the needs of every seller to create a fair deal for all parties. Not every deal can be structured the same way and not every seller has the same goals. In the end, you can count on us to do the best job for you and rest assured, we will take care of all your merchants. Everyone is a VIP to us!

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