What Clients Say

James Shepherd, CCSalesPro.com: Cutter provided a great experience for my last buyout.  I was looking to sell a portfolio that included referral residuals as well as standard merchant accounts and Denise really went the extra mile to help me close a deal.  Large buyouts always take a little time to close, but without Denise and the Cutter team helping me work through the process, it would have taken much longer.  I was happy with the end result, they held up to their end of the bargain and paid out a competitive multiple.  Overall great experience, highly recommended!

Robert Becker: I am retiring due to health concerns from the industry of providing credit card processing services after 24 years.  I can say that I had much success in this industry and will do it again if I can.  But I could not have been so successful without the Green Sheet and especially many of those in this forum who have helped me out by clearing up a lot of issue concerns and questions that I asked in this forum.  I must say that most of my education about this industry came to me from the Green Sheet with its online information and the magazine but most of the important information came from those who care about this industry and are on this forum.  This forum is invaluable and for those of you who are new to this industry should use this forum and what it has to offer.  But it is up to you as to how to separate those who give to you this valuable information to those who just want you to sign up on their program.

I have sold my portfolio’s and must say it was quite an experience of having this done.  I have communicated with five different portfolio buyer’s and I feel that three of those buyers were just trying to steal my portfolio’s at very low buy-outs and one buyer just wanted my portfolio list to possibly contact them to steal the accounts.  I can say that the one portfolio buyer that I went with is Cutter Financial in Wyomissing, PA. who was very fair and professional and I am also impressed on how they are handling the accounts when they call in for services.    

Zack Carson: Thank you Heather, we really appreciate how fast you are paying residuals. It really means a lot. I’ve noticed from our customers, that Cutter truly does have amazing service, we have instructed some of our customers that have called in with compliments to go online and leave positive reviews for Cutter.

David A. Rouse: Katelyn – I just wanted to thank you again for your help! It was such a pleasure to work with you and I appreciate your consistent communication and follow up throughout the transaction. I will definitely recommend you and your company to my contacts!!

John Gibbs, ISO/MLS Agent: Cutter has been excellent to work with in all facets and provided a much needed extra layer of customer support and retention . I would highly recommend their company and services.

Curt Waite,Merchant Services SCV, Inc: I started looking for a company to purchase my portfolio over 2 years ago and interviewed with many of them that advertise in the Green Sheet.  I decided to use Cutter Financial and was very thankful to have  Denise Shomo  as my representative. She and I began negotiating the best scenario given my circumstances. I did not want to sell my entire book of business so we worked out a very lucrative plan to sell a portion of my accounts, get a nice upfront payment and then receive lump sum reimbursements over a 36 month period.

I would highly recommend giving Cutter Financial an opportunity to look at your portfolio and work out the best deal possible, you will not regret it!

Lew Chiarello,Universal Merchant Services: In 25 years as a merchant services sales company I have sold a total 7 portfolios. In the last year I have sold 2 portfolios to Cutter Financial. I felt the buyouts were more than fair.  They were professional & the time it took to complete the transaction was considerably less than I had expected. And, because of those individuals I now deal with on a regular basis, especially Denise Shomo, Cutter will definitely be my only source of revenue when, and if, the occasion arises.    

Kristen Herrick-Feazell, ISO Development, Sterling Payment Technologies: Denise and her team at Cutter Financial have made the complicated process of purchasing a portfolio easy. They are a pleasure to work with and show a great deal of integrity when dealing with their merchants. Sterling Payment Technologies is a proud partner and will be for years to come.    

Christine Poliquin, Pivotal Payments: Working with Cutter Financial has been a very rewarding success for our partners. Those that take advantage of working with Cutter have been able to provide nothing but positive feedback. Cutter Financial’s process is very streamlined and efficient. They are extremely easy to work with!    

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