About Cutter

Strength. Speed. Trust. These are the building blocks of our reputation for providingAbout Cutter maximum value from the purchase of MLS Agent/ISO residual streams and merchant portfolios. 

Cutter is focused on every transaction being fair and reasonable and the outcome is a good deal for all parties involved. Operating this way, time after time gives us a terrific reputation as a respected buyer of choice.

Cutter LLC, a Franklin TN based company, started in 2006 when its founder David Daily began purchasing Agent and ISO residual streams as he saw the increasing need for alternative financing resources for Agents and ISO’s to build their business.  Cutter has completed many portfolio acquisitions ranging in all sizes with the majority being smaller in size, less than $10,000 in residuals per month but is seeing larger opportunities more frequently.

While most deals are from Merchant Portfolios, Cutter’s acquisition footprint includes residuals from all types of electronic payments from Gateway, ATM, Check and ACH portfolios.

Please call 610.451.4096 or contact us to learn more.